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DNA Diet & Fitness 3 Test Combo

Concerned about your nutritional health? Struggling to lose weight? Want the perfect exercise plan? This is the genetic analysis for you! It provides useful insight to help ensure a healthy nutritional status, to help you lose weight and to allow you to follow a personalized exercise program to achieve your personal sport and health goals.

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DNA Fitness Test

Get the most out of your workout. Identify how your DNA influences your athletic ability, response to exercise, injury risk and pain tolerance. Start a personalized exercise plan based on your DNA to get the best results.

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DNA Nutrition Test

Find out which nutrients your body needs now. Identify potential nutritional deficiencies (vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, Folate, Iron, Omega-3) and improve your nutrition based on your genetics.

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DNA Weight Loss Test

Trying to lose weight? Identify how your DNA influences your appetite, starch processing and fat metabolism, and adjust your diet & lifestyle based on your genetics to help you lose weight.

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